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LEEP Academy's After-School Program

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Welcome to LEEP Academy’s After-School Program 2021-2022

The After-School Program is designed and overseen by the LEEP Dual Language Academy staff. Our after-school program will support and enhance children's school experience with homework support, to help them academically, and various enrichment activities built to encourage children to grow in social skills, confidence, and independence, all in a supervised and safe environment. 

Each week contains various activities, including Arts/Literacy, Math, Science, Creative Arts, Music and Movement, free play, and socialization. In addition, our curriculum addresses all aspects of language: listening, speaking, and vocabulary. 

Who: LEEP Academy students enrolled in the school year 2021-2022

After school includes academic support, hands-on activities, exercise, and special activities

When: September 13, 2021, to June 16, 2022


  • 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Monday-Friday
  • 1:15-6:00 pm, Wednesday


LEEP Academy subsidizes this after school program, but we ask families to contribute a standard yearly fee of  $1,800 for five days, $1,300 for three days and $600 for one day. The yearly tuition will be divided in monthly payments and will be due on the first of each month. 

  • 5-Day Program (Monday to Friday):

    $180 per month (including Wednesdays, 1:15pm -6pm)
  • 3-Day Program (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, not exchangeable):

    $130 per month (including Wednesdays, 1:15pm-6 pm)
  • 1-Day (Wednesdays, 1:15pm - 6pm):

    $60 per month

Unfortunately, the days listed on each of the programs above are fixed and not exchangeable, and LEEP Dual Language Academy does not provide make-ups for missing days.

We cannot offer month to month registration; registration is based on space availability; re-entry and schedule changes are made only on a trimester basis and based on space availability. Our trimester periods are: 

  • September 13 to November 23 
  • November 29 to March 4
  • March 7 to June 17

To Register:

Via ParenSquare: registration and payment will be done via ParentSquare app. If you need assistance, please email 

Daily After School Schedule

Wednesday 1:20-3:10 pm
1:20-2:10pm  (Session 1): Academic work or  Special Activities
2:10-3:10pm (Session 2):  Academic work or  Special Activities

Monday to Friday, 3:00-6:00 pm 

3:05-3:10pm: Dismissal from the classrooms (after school counselors will pick up the children from their classrooms)
3:05-3:30pm: Snack time/ Games and bathroom
3:30-4:30pm (Session 1): Academic work or  Special Activities
4:30-4:45pm: bathroom and break time 
4:45-5:45pm (Session 2):  Academic work or  Special Activities
5:45-6:00pm: Get ready to go home 

  • Parent Pick-up Times Mon-Fri (except Wednesdays):
    4:30 pm or 5:45 pm
  • Parent Pick-Up Time for Wednesdays:
    3:10pm, 4:30 pm or 5:45 pm

Academic Work or Homework help

Students will have tutoring and homework help every day they stay in the after-school program. The schedule of activities may vary per class. 

Tentative Special Activities:

  • Monday: Martial Arts / Arts and Crafts / Soccer Practice
  • Tuesday: Musical Theater / Capoeira / Drumming
  • Wednesday: Martial Arts / Arts and Crafts / Soccer Practice
  • Thursday: Musical theater / Capoeira / Drumming
  • Friday: Martial Arts / Soccer Practice

*** Schedule of activities and special activities might change every trimester.

Refunds and Missing Payments

LEEP Academy does not offer refunds or make-ups for missed days. 

Fees are not prorated due to late registration, student absence or illness or for other reasons beyond the control of the school.

Except for: School closure due to mandatory city or state quarantine

***All refunds are subject to approval

Parents/Guardians are still obligated to pay for the days their children are absent from the program, unless they have been officially withdrawn from the program.

Payments are due on the first day of the month. If payment is not made on the first school day of the month, the student may not attend until payment is made. Whenever school is closed due to bad weather, payments are still due for that day.

Key Policies 

Students must be picked up promptly at 6:00 pm. 
***In case of consistent lateness, we reserve the right to suspend or remove the student from the after school program. 

Withdrawal and Refunds:

If you need to withdraw from the after-school program, please do so in writing and send your request to at least 10 days before the next month's start date. Verbal notification is not valid. All payments accounts must be clear at time of withdrawal.

About Our Director:

Diana Carrera is Director of Summer & Afterschool Programs at LEEP Dual Language Academy Charter School. A native of Ecuador, Diana is an experienced leader with 9 years of leadership experience in summer and afterschool programs, most recently for the nonprofit group Arts & Athletics. For the Summer Camp program, Diana oversees all hiring, safety planning, program planning, daily activities, and field trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign my child up for afterschool?

  1. Registration via ParentSquare (coming soon); seats are limited.
  2. Fill out the registration and waiver form and submit the first payment. Payment is due at the time of registration to secure the seat.

Can I sign my child up for just one or two after-school days? Or does it have to be for the whole week? 

Families have the flexibility to sign up for one day (Wednesdays only), 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), or five days, which run on a trimester basis. 

In order to hire and plan effectively, we are not able to offer month-to-month enrollment. 

Can I enroll my child at any time? 

We will offer enrollment if seats are available during the trimester; however, we encourage families to reserve their spots at the beginning of the trimester.

Students are enrolled on a trimester basis:

  • September 13 to November 23 
  • November 29 to March 4
  • March 7 to June 17 

For already enrolled families in the after school program, to continue in the program, re-registration will not be needed. However, any withdrawals must be notified 10 days prior to the end of the trimester. 

Change of schedule or program (from 1-day or 3-day to 5-day program) can only be done at the beginning of the trimester and will be based on space availability. Re-entries will also be subject to space availability. 

Can my child try the afterschool program before enrolling?

Unfortunately, to prepare the schedule, staff, and activities, we cannot provide any demo days or trials for the after-school. 

Do you offer any discounts for siblings? 

The school subsidizes all seats at the afterschool; unfortunately,  we are not able to offer additional sibling discounts or other types of discounts. In addition, there are no discounts for missing days after school.

Do you provide financial assistance?

No, at the moment, we do not provide financial assistance for afterschool programs. 

Can I leave my child after school for one day? 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a one-day drop-off; students must be enrolled in afterschool to participate.

What are the pick-up times? 

We ask families to pick up after each activity to help children finish homework and the designated activity.  

We suggest families to pick up at 4:30 pm and 5:45 pm, after the enrichment activity and homework help, or during after-school dismissal, promptly at 6:00pm.

Each class has a different schedule; a tentative schedule will be provided on a trimester basis. We encourage families to check the schedule to view activities and homework help time slots.

The best pick-up time is after 5:45 pm, to allow teachers and students to finish their activities. 

If families need to pick up early during the after-school program, please call the after-school director, Ms. Diana, and arrange the pick-up time. Children will not be dismissed earlier than 4:30 pm, unless agreed in advance.

Can I pick up my child at regular dismissal time on a day that he/she is enrolled in an afterschool program?

If you decide to pick up your child during regular dismissal time, please call the front office by 10 am to request the change. 

Will bus transportation be provided? 

No. Unfortunately, bus transportation is not available for the after-school program.

Will snacks be provided?

PM snacks will be provided, but feel free to send your child’s favorite snack for them to enjoy!

Where will the afterschool be held?

The after-school program will take place at the LEEP Academy school building. 

How much structure will there be?

The program aims to strike a healthy balance between predictable daily routines, homework help, group activities, teacher-led lessons, and time for open-ended play and socialization.