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Seats in Grades K and 2 Available for the school year 2024-25
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Cupos disponibles en Kínder y 2.º Grado para el ciclo 2024-25
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What To Expect

Our students learn in a caring environment where they become fluent in two languages, build strong character, and prepare to live full lives.

Learning in Spanish and English

At LEEP Dual Language Academy, every student will become biliterate and bilingual, in Spanish and English, by fifth grade.

Each class uses methods from the latest research and the experience of the nation's top dual language schools. Learn about our "Dual Dozen" best practices.

Students are immersed in the Spanish language for up to 90% of the school day in kindergarten, balancing out to 50% Spanish and 50% English by grade 4. The technical name for this approach is "two-way 90:10 immersion."

Did you know? Learning two languages has powerful brain benefits.

Knowledge That Empowers

With the Core Knowledge™ curriculum, students learn to love language, build understanding, and debate timeless ideas... even before they can read. Read about how young students can learn to think deeply.

Our lessons help all students see their unique stories in the American story, and in turn trace American ideas to their diverse authors and influences--including the "cuentos" (stories or tales), legends, and songs of Latin American cultures.

Did you know? Great readers need a broad base of factual knowledge.

A Pedagogy of Cariño

Our students experience a "pedagogy of cariño" in which they are personally known, supported, and challenged by caring adults.

Each student also practices essential relationship skills and character virtues, growing into whole person.

Did you know? Dovetail Learning's Toolbox™ (in Spanish and English) helps students develop empathy, courage, respect, and other habits of the heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of school is this?

LEEP Dual Language Academy is a public charter school authorized by the New York State Board of Regents. That means we receive public funding and are subject to public regulations, but our school is not operated by the New York City Department of Education. We are governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of community leaders.

Which grades do you serve?

We have seats available for K-2 . Currently, the school is serving grades K-4 and it will grow to serve K-5. A later expansion to middle school is possible but not guaranteed.

What is the daily schedule?

We have a longer daily schedule than many schools. Our school hours are 7:45am-3:30pm daily, with early dismissal at 1:30pm on Fridays. Doors open at 7:20am (for free breakfast) and classes start at 7:45 am sharp. 

Does the school charge tuition?

No. As a public charter school we are 100% tuition-free.

Where is the school located?

The school's lower campus is located at 5323 5th Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Thanks to a long-term lease agreement for the three floors above Chase Bank, this safe and stately building is our home for kindergarten through third grade. 

What are the transportation options for families?

School bus service is available to qualifying families through the NYC Department of Education; in most cases, that means to families who reside in Brooklyn and live at least 1/2 mile from the school. The school is also easily reachable via public transit (R/N train and B63 bus).

Who can apply? How does the school admit students?

Any family with a child entering kindergarten, first grade, or second grade is welcome to apply. Students with disabilities are welcome. Our admission process, like our school, also does not ask or consider immigration status. There is no test or interview involved in the admissions process, in any way. 

Students with disabilities are welcome and can apply. Our admissions process, like our school, does not ask or consider immigration status. To apply or learn more about the lottery process, visit our Enrollment page.

Does the admission process include a language proficiency test?

No. Enrollment is open to all children, regardless of language background.

How does “dual language” education work?

Our students spend much of their school day immersed in the Spanish language—for up to 90% of the school day in kindergarten, then gradually balancing out to 50% of the day in fourth and fifth grade. This means they study Spanish as a subject and study other subjects in Spanish. Research shows that this approach helps students of all backgrounds learn to excel in both languages, and unlocks a wide range of academic and career opportunities.

My child doesn’t speak any Spanish. Won’t (s)he fall behind in school?

Not at all. Your child will be immersed in Spanish, with teachers who are experienced, caring, and well trained in language acquisition and education.

My child doesn’t speak much English. Will s(he) fall behind in English?

Not at all. Every student has English Language Arts class, every day, and learning in two languages has been shown to help students develop better skills in English.

I don’t speak Spanish. How will I communicate with the school?

Not to worry. Our teaching staff is fluent in English and Spanish, and we provide translated communications in other languages as needed.

I don’t speak Spanish. How will I help my child with homework?

Again, not to worry. Make sure to talk with your child about academic concepts and read to your child in the language you speak. Ideas and reading skills both transfer from one language to another! Your child’s teacher will provide other suggestions and translations as needed.

What is the class size?

Our classes have 24 students or fewer. Students with special needs are assigned to classes that match their Individualized Educational Program (IEP). We are proud to offer smaller classes, to help alleviate school overcrowding in Sunset Park.

Does the school offer Art class? Music class? Dance Class? Gym class? Recess?

Yes, to all of the above. We LOVE reading and math, but that’s not all our students do. Our school is designed to educate the whole child.

I have heard that charter schools have strict discipline. What kind of school culture can I expect?

You can be sure that you won't have to choose between a school that is safe and orderly, or a school where students can express themselves and feel a strong sense of community. At LEEP Academy,  we are both. We use the Responsive Classroom method to make sure all children can be part of a positive learning culture.

Do students wear uniforms?

Yes. To help build a united school culture (and keep things simple for families), all children wear affordable LEEP Academy uniforms with our insignia. If the cost of uniforms is a problem for your family, just talk to us. We can help.

Do students have homework?

Yes. When homework is carefully designed and age-appropriate, it can help students review their learning and build habits that will help them over a lifetime. We do not use homework to introduce new concepts or assign homework that requires a parent to do more than supervise.

Is this a for-profit school?

No, as a charter school in New York we are a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.  

Who is in charge of this school?

We are governed by a local board of community leaders. You can learn about our Board of Trustees and Leadership Team.

What does LEEP stand for?

Our school was originally designed by another nonprofit organization, Latino Educational Equity Partnerships (LEEP). The LEEP name and school design are used with permission, but the school is not managed by Latino Educational Equity Partnerships.

“Two-way 90:10 programs [help students] reach the highest levels of achievement in the shortest amount of time.”

— Researchers Virginia Collier and Wayne Thomas

L'Acordeonista by Kathy Sosa. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

“When you have to choose between two paths, ask yourself which of them has heart. Who chooses the path of the heart is never wrong.”

— Popol Vuh

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