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Seats in Grades K and 2 Available for the school year 2024-25
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Cupos disponibles en Kínder y 2.º Grado para el ciclo 2024-25
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*Enrollment 2024-25*

Enrollment for the year 2024-25 is open now!
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*2023-24 Academic Calendar*

The 2023-24 Academic Calendar (Bilingual) is ready! Please click to download

*After-school Program*

Click here to visit our After-School Program page. 

*School Uniform*

There have been a couple of important changes to our school uniform. To learn more about our school uniform, please click here. To purchase the uniform, go here.  


  • Kindergarten First Day of School: September 23, 2023
  • First day of school for Grades 1-5: September 25, 2023.

Arrival Procedure

  • Classes start at 7:40am.
  • Doors open at 7:20am. Students who wish to have free breakfast at school are recommended to arrive by 7:30am.
  • Doors close at 7:41am. If students arrive after 7:40am, parents/guardians must sign the tardy log.
  • Absences must be reported to the main office by 8:30am of the day of the absences by phone at 917-819-5337 (Main Office) or email: 

Dismissal Procedure

Dismissal starts at 3:20pm (for Grades 4-5) and 3:30pm (for grades K-3) every day, except Fridays when we have early dismissal begins at 1:20pm and 1:30.***

***Early Dismissal (at 1:20pm and 1:30pm) every day, from August 23 - September 1.

Please wait behind the ORANGE CONES marked with your student's class nickname on the side walk We thank you for your patience as classrooms will exit one at a time. 

***Changes to your child’s dismissal plan must be notified to the main office by 10am at: 917-819-5337 or by email: 

*School Supply List: There is none!*

Many schools ask parents to bring a long list of supplies. At LEEP Academy, we don’t. Please send only the following items with your child on the first day of school: 

  • A backpack of your choice, large enough to fit a folder
  • A full water bottle
  • Mask
  • Lunch Box
  • An extra uniform or set of gym clothes in a plastic bag, including pants/skirt, shirt, underwear, and socks, to be available in case of spills or potty accidents. You may also opt to send a plain grey t-shirt, plain grey sweatpants (no logos or designs) instead. 

The school will provide plenty of notebook paper, pencils, glue, tissues, glue, and so forth. That’s one reason we receive public funding, and it’s simple for us to purchase these items directly, in large quantities, without paying sales tax. We do this as another savings for families.

*Student & Family Handbook*

Download the LEEP Academy Student & Family Handbook
Student Family Handbook

*District-Wide School Safety Plan*

Download the District-Wide School Safety Plan