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Seats in Grades K and 2 Available for the school year 2024-25
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Cupos disponibles en Kínder y 2.º Grado para el ciclo 2024-25
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School Re-Opening Plan

LEEP Campus

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LEEP Dual Language Academy was proud to re-open for in-person instruction, and remain open for 95% of school year 2020-21. In school year 2021-22, we continue to stay vigilant about safety while gradually returning to normal, with the help of vaccines, and in compliance with applicable health regulations.

Re-Opening Plan for Fall 2021

The School Reopening Plan has been revised and streamlined for Fall 2021. Click here to download.

ARCHIVE: Re-Opening Plan for Fall 2020

The full School Re-Opening Plan for Fall 2020 can be downloaded here.