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Seats in Grades K and 2 Available for the school year 2024-25
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Cupos disponibles en Kínder y 2.º Grado para el ciclo 2024-25
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Distance Learning at LEEP Dual Language Academy

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Daily Attendance

Families, attendance still counts--for learning, for your student's record, and for the funding to pay our teachers. Please make sure your child does not miss more than 30 minutes of live instruction during remote school. 

Overview and Instructions

Download our overview materials with instructions, schedules, and resource links:

Kindergarten Distance Learning Overview 
(English language materials begin on p. 11.) 

First Grade Distance Learning Overview

(English language materials begin on p. 10.) 

New: YouTube videos 

Subscribe to LEEP Academy's YouTube page for video lessons.

Online Platforms

We ask all families to use the following online resources. Usernames and passwords were included in your physical packets, or ask your child’s teacher to send them to you.

SeeSaw for lesson assignments:

SeeSaw login SeeSaw login

IXL (“I excel”) for Math, English, and Spanish practice:

IXL login IXL login

(also known as "RazKids") for books:

Reading A-Z login Reading A-Z login

Daily Work Packets

Kindergarten Daily Work First Grade Daily Work

Download Days 1-12 together for Kindergarten (large file size)

Download Days 1-12 together for First Grade (large file size)

Or download a single day:

Or download a single day:
Day 1 Kindergarten

Day 1 First Grade

Day 2 Kindergarten

Day 2 First Grade

Day 3 Kindergarten

Day 3 First Grade

Day 4 Kindergarten

Day 4 First Grade

Day 5 Kindergarten

Day 5 First Grade

Day 6 Kindergarten

Day 6 First Grade

Day 7 Kindergarten

Day 7 First Grade

Day 8 Kindergarten

Day 8 First Grade

Day 9 Kindergarten

Day 9 First Grade

Day 10 Kindergarten

Day 10 First Grade

Day 11 Kindergarten

Day 11 First Grade

Day 12 Kindergarten

Day 12 First Grade

Technology questions?

We want to make sure every family is online and engaged. Email with any tech needs.