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Keep Us Safe, Keep Us Open

As a school now designated in a yellow zone, in accordance with the new regulations announced by the governor, all schools in the yellow zone must participate in regular COVID testing. Each school must demonstrate that at least 20% of the students and staff have been tested for COVID on a WEEKLY basis, otherwise, we will face another shutdown.

Every LEEP Academy student can help keep us open by participating in our LEEP Academy campaign — Keep Us Safe, Keep Us Open. I am writing to ask for your help to ensure that LEEP Academy remains open for all our students.

Here is what we need to do:  we ask that you please take your student to get one of the free tests that are available at different sites throughout the city. To find the places closest to you, click here. If every LEEP Academy student participates, we will reach our weekly goal.

The process is simple. Fill out this participation form by Monday, October 26. When you sign up your student, we will provide a form that will assign you to a specific week for when your student must take the test for our school to reach our goal. We only need the test provider to fill out a confirmation form as proof that the test was done. It's very simple and easy. It doesn't hurt, and it's absolutely free. The school does not need to see the results, we only need proof that you and your family were tested. 

We expect to provide you with your class assignment date by Tuesday afternoon. Please call us with any questions or concerns. Remember: if we all participate, LEEP Academy will remain open. KEEP US SAFE,  KEEP US OPEN!

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to help LEEP Academy stay open. How can I volunteer?

Please click here to sign up. We will then contact you with more information.

How will testing times be coordinated?

Based on the results of our survey, we will set up a rotating schedule by classroom group. Students from one set of classrooms will go for tests in week 1, another set in week 2, etc. 

What if I don’t feel comfortable participating?

Testing helps our school stay open but is not legally required. Please let us know if you do not plan to participate.

My student has been in a remote learning class all year. Does this apply to me?

The State does not expect remote learning families to participate, but if you get tested, it still helps the school. We’d love your help. Please let us know by contacting Ms. Cheng at 

Is this only for LEEP Academy students?

As of this moment, we must track only LEEP Academy students and our staff.

Where is testing available?

One convenient testing location is the CityMD Sunset Park Urgent Care Center, located at 5024 5th Ave Brooklyn NY 11220. Find additional testing sites.

How does the test work?

Most tests are a nasal swab that involves momentary discomfort. Some testing locations also offer mouth swabs with faster responses. Please contact the testing facility to confirm the types of tests available. 

How long does it take?

The test itself takes just a moment. Please contact the testing facility for information about any wait times.

Is there a cost?

No. A testing site may ask for your health insurance information, but there will be no charge whether you have insurance coverage or not.

What do I need to bring to the test?

Please bring a photo ID and a copy of our school’s test confirmation form. If you don’t bring the form, just ask for a test receipt.

Where can I download the test confirmation form?

Find the form here.

What do I do with my confirmation form?

Please ask the testing facility to complete the form, then email a photo of the completed form to

What if someone in my family tests positive?

If someone in your household has a positive test, we ask you to call the school right away.