School Design

Our students learn in a caring environment where they become fluent in two languages, build strong character, and prepare to live full lives.

Learning in Spanish and English

At LEEP Dual Language Academies, every student will become biliterate and bilingual, in Spanish and English, by fifth grade.

Each class uses methods from the latest research and the experience of the nation's top dual language schools. Our "Dual Dozen" best practices>

Students are immersed in the Spanish language for 90% of the school day in kindergarten, balancing out to 50% Spanish and 50% English by grade 4. The technical name for this approach is "two-way 90:10 immersion."

Did you know? Learning two languages has powerful brain benefits.

Knowledge That Empowers

With the Core Knowledge™ curriculum, students learn to love language, build understanding, and debate timeless ideas... even before they can read. Read about how young students can learn to think deeply>

Our lessons help all students see their unique stories in the American story, and in turn trace American ideas to their diverse authors and influences--including the cuentos, legends, and songs of Latin American cultures.

Did you know? Great readers need a broad base of factual knowledge.

A Pedagogy of Cariño

Our students will experience a "pedagogy of cariño" in which they are personally known, supported, and challenged by caring adults.

Each student will also practice essential relationship skills and character virtues, growing into una persona completa.

Did you know? Dovetail Learning's Toolbox™ (in Spanish and English) helps students develop empathy, courage, respeto, and other habits of the heart.

Two-way 90:10 programs [help students] reach the highest levels of achievement in the shortest amount of time.
— Researchers Virginia Collier and Wayne Thomas
  L'Acordeonista  by Kathy Sosa. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

 L'Acordeonista by Kathy Sosa. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

When you have to choose between two paths, ask yourself which of them has heart. Who chooses the path of the heart is never wrong.
— Popol Vuh