LEEP's Hometown:
San Antonio, Texas

LEEP's flagship Dos Caminos Campus opens in August 2018, serving grades K and 1. The school will be located at 8038 Military Dr W, San Antonio.

Future Expansion: Dallas, Austin, and Beyond...

We plan to expand to Dallas and Austin in the next few years, and then share our model with other states in the years to come. Would you like to see LEEP in your community? Get in touch >>

Cuando tengas que elegir entre
pregúntate cuál de ellos tiene corazón. Quién elige el camino del corazón no se equivoca nunca.
— Popol Vuh
When you have to choose between
ask yourself which of them has heart. Who chooses the path of the heart is never wrong.
— Popol Vuh