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Starting in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

We are Brooklynites creating a public charter school for all families in Brooklyn, with a focus on the richly diverse Sunset Park community. LEEP Dual Language Academy will open with grades K and 1 in the 2019-20 school year, then gradually expand to at least K-5.

Our school will be located in an independent private facility, not a district school building. The school will be entirely nonprofit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the school be located?

The school will be located in Community School District 15, in or near the Sunset Park neighborhood.

How will this school differ from other dual language programs?

At LEEP Dual Language Academy, students will speak Spanish for up to 90% of the school day in the early grades, which research suggests can produce stronger learning over time. Learn more about our school design and best practices.

Will the school charge tuition?

No. Charter schools are publicly funded and tuition-free.

Who can enroll?

The prospective school will enroll students in grades K and 1, through a random lottery. There is a preference who live in the local Community School District.

Is the enrollment process different depending on the language spoken at home?

No. Charter school enrollment is not weighted by language spoken.

Can I apply for admission now?

No, but we're eager to connect with interested families as we move through the charter application process. Please fill out our Interest/Comment Form and we'll be in touch.



Photo credit: 5th ave, Sunset park - 17 (CC BY-SA 2.0) by jacopast